Ben at the fishing pier

•September 21, 2011 • 1 Comment

Ben and I went to the fishing pier today, just something to do to burn sometime and energy before nap. It was a beautiful day a little overcast, warm though (not muggy). Well he rarely lets me get any pictures of him he always throws a fit or turns his head making for some not so cute pictures. But today he was very cooperative he could care less he was just happy to be out of the house:). So here is a few pictures of our little adventure. 


Bat Ben and Super Mom

•September 16, 2011 • 5 Comments


Seems as though I have been slacking on the blog posts, Sorry Kayna I know you are bored! So here it goes:)


Ben needed a friend to play with the other day because all of his other friends were busy in their 3 year old lives. So Mom stepped in:) We went out to the field with our capes on and Ben wanted to be “Bat Ben” and he wanted mom to be “Puper Mom” (awe thanks Ben or gross not sure which). But we went outside and flew in space, and saved the princess. We had so much fun. Scott got a few pictures of us on the patio.

Fort Fun!

•September 6, 2011 • 2 Comments


Scotty has had to be gone an awful lot this past 2 months because of underway’s and hurricane’s and junk like that. So he wanted to do something fun with Ben he had the idea to sleep out on the porch, well something happened rain or something, and that couldn’t happen so I said build a fort and watch a movie with him. So they did they built a fort in the living room (no girls allowed of course:)) I made them homemade Dark chocolate covered cherries and they watched Thomas the train Helpful Hero’s!  They got flashlights and had a blast. Here are some pictures from there fort endeavors:) 


Ben is a Cheeseball:)

Super Ben!

•September 6, 2011 • 3 Comments

Ben has been WAY into superhero’s lately all of them, Metroman, Batman, Superman, Megamind… any superhero he knows about he pretends to be one of them good or bad (usually the bad one’s when he wants to be naughty but not get in doesn’t work) But it is so fun to watch him, he now likes to wear a blanket around his neck as a cape It is so fun, the other day we went to the park and he would not take it off even though it was 90+ degrees outside and humid he insisted on keeping it on!  Well here are some pictures of Ben playing superheros! Oh and I must Thank my sister Kayna because before we went to California Ben liked superhero’s then Kayna played superheros with him all the time and now he L-O-V-E-S superheros!!!

Even superhero’s have to sit in timeout sometimes!

I think Michael Jackson does this move in the music video Thriller! 

A day at the park with Mandy and the kids!

•September 5, 2011 • Leave a Comment

The other Day Mandy and I were trying to get the kids out of the house, So we decided we would go to the park! we planned on going about 10 But it was quite the ordeal trying to plan things out and meet up… So about 12 o’clock Mandy got out to here and we tested out one of the park by our house. So we all hopped in Big Bertha (for those of you who don’t know that is Mandy and Derek’s rockin’ new van!) and headed out! The weather was beautiful and by the time we got to the park the kids were good! And Mandy and I could just sit and talk while the children played. Here are some pictures of our day at the park! Oh and Ben insisted on wearing his “cape” to the park! He is so fun! 

Sherpa Fun!!

•August 27, 2011 • 3 Comments


Some of our Best friends out in California are the Sherpa’s; Mike, Jenny, Becca and Marshall. Jen used to watch Ben when he was about 1 and  half years old. So him and Marshall became good friends, Mellow is about 2 almost 3 years older then Ben I believe. But they still play so nice together it is so fun to watch them. The Sherpa’s and I used to get together about once a week to eat yummy food (Mike is one of the best cooks I know) and hang out and watch movies, play games or just sit around drinking coffee. We always have so much fun together. When we were out in California we got to spend a pretty good amount of time together and I was able to get some good pictures of the kids playing together.










Ben and Aaron

•August 24, 2011 • 4 Comments

Well as you all know we live far away from ALL of our family, we only see everyone once a year twice if we are lucky. So Ben rarely remembers any of our family members. Well about 2 months ago when my mom and Dad came to visit Ben was convinced that Uncle Aaron and Aunt Claire were coming along well. Well it was quite sad to tell him that he would not be seeing him for about another month or so (like he know’s what that means) but okay 🙂 well when we got San Diego Ben ran to Uncle Aaron open arms, he picked us up from the airport, it was so cute. So after that little story I thought I would share with you some of the pictures I took of them playing together.